Summer Courses

Welcome to the Summer Courses section of our website, from where you will be able to find details of the Colleges of the University offering Summer Courses. 

Many of the Colleges that come under the University of London’s "umbrella" offer Summer Courses in a great variety of subjects. Although the University does not maintain a central database of these courses you can follow the relevant College website links below for further information.

Alternatively, you may also like to try using our course search facility to locate which Colleges are offering your subject of interest at degree level and then contact them directly to see if they run any Summer programmes in the same subject area.

If you are contemplating applying for an undergraduate programme you may also be interested in participating in a Taster Course. Taster Courses have been developed as short courses organised by universities in London to provide Year 12 students, or equivalent, the opportunity to experience life at university before making their UCAS application.

Whether you are preparing for university or just wish to study over the summer for your own interest you should be able to find a summer programme for you.

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