University of London International Programmes (Distance Learning)

The University of London International Programmes is the world's oldest provider of degrees through distance and flexible learning. Since 1858, we have made our programmes accessible to students all over the world. Today, we have students in over 180 countries worldwide studying on 100-plus degrees, diplomas and certificates. Subjects range from Economics and Law to Information Security and Veterinary Science.

Why study with us?

Our international reputation is based on the outstanding teaching and research of the University of London's 18 Colleges. All of the programmes we offer are developed by Colleges of the University of London. These Colleges are also responsible for preparing study materials and assessing the programmes. Wherever they are based, our students are examined to the same high standard as those studying in London.

Some of our students prefer the flexibility of being able to study independently at their own pace. Others prefer face-to-face teaching and classroom support at a growing network of 70-plus independent teaching institutions worldwide. Further details are available on our website .

Many of our programmes enable students to meet and interact online, in addition to receiving feedback and support from academics in London. As well as studying for a full degree, students can also choose to study individual modules to meet their personal or professional development needs.

With examination centres in over 180 countries, students can sit their exams in their own country. As many of our students also have work and family commitments, we offer a longer study period compared with those studying face-to-face in London. Students generally have between three to eight years to complete an undergraduate degree and two to five years to complete a postgraduate degree. Payments are flexible and can be made on a pay as you go basis. 

Our former students and alumni include politicians, designers, engineers, poets, teachers, lawyers and leaders of business and industry, as well as seven Nobel prize winners: Frederick Gowland Hopkins, Ronald Coase, Wole Soyinka, Derek Walcott, Nelson Mandela, Rolph Payet and Charles Kao.

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Number of students

Total 54,000
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Postgraduate 20%
Current age range of
students 16–89 years old

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