Consolidated Pay

Employees of the Central Academic Bodies and central Activities of the University of London (the "central University") in receipt of pay enhancements uprateable by pay awards and/or those working overtime on a regular and/or contractual basis may, under certain circumstances, have the payments consolidated into their pay.

Where an employee of the central University is contracted to undertake hours of work in excess of an average of 35 per week, the contractual overtime shall normally be consolidated into superannuable basic salary by adding the annual value of those hours in excess of 35 per week (calculated at time and a half) to the normal annual basic salary. Such consolidation may take into account that the employee does not work the same additional hours every week, but works an average amount over the year. Additional casual overtime shall be paid at the normal rate of pay (plus the appropriate enhancement) for the salary point in question.

Consolidation regularises pay and ensures that pay awards are correctly applied as well as ensuring that all potential pensionable pay is appropriately treated. For advice and guidance on consolidation, please contact the Human Resources.