Contacting Employees Outside of Work

All employees of the Central Academic Bodies and central activities of the University of London (the "central University") are required to supply Human Resources with their full names, current address and telephone numbers (if any).  The information is kept in strictest confidence and Human Resources is not permitted to release the information to managers.

1 Collecting Employee Contact Details
2 Holding Employee Contact Details Locally
3 Using Employee Contact Details


1 Collecting Employee Contact Details

Managers may ask members of their staff for their consent to hold their contact details locally.   However, staff are not normally obliged to supply these details to managers other than in situations where, for example, there is regular out of hours working and the manager could not make contact with the employee through Human Resources for that reason. 

Please take advice from Human Resources before you decide that the collection of contact details for certain staff is compulsory in your area.

Managers must hold staff personal contact information in the strictest confidence and use the information appropriately.

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2 Holding Employee Contact Details Locally

Employee Contact details must be held in a secure environment (i.e. protected by adequate password security or locked in cabinets to which only the appropriate individual(s) have access) and access restricted to those with a legitimate requirement for the information.

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3 Using Employee Contact Details

Whether contact is made by the manager or by Human Resources, employee contact details may only be used in circumstances where the employer has a reasonable and legitimate need to contact the employee outside of work.

Each case should be considered on its merits, but reasonable and legitimate purposes will include:

  • Unexpected and unexplained absence from work;
  • Requirement to notify the member of staff of an accident involving / death of a family member etc;
  • Requests for the member of staff not to attend work (e.g. in the event of office closure for health/safety reasons, disciplinary reasons etc).

The central University must respect the individual’s right to a private life and contact with individuals on holiday or sick leave (provided the employee has already given appropriate notification and a return date) would not normally be acceptable.

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