Emergency Leave/Urgent Domestic Leave

Employees of the Central Academic Bodies and central activities of the University of London (the "central University") are entitled to reasonable periods of absence from work where this is necessary for urgent domestic purposes/family emergencies.  Such leave may be unpaid, although consideration should be given under the central University's provisions on paid leave for compassionate purposes. 

Emergency Leave/Urgent Domestic Leave is intended to allow an individual to make suitable arrangements to deal with an emergency, not for the employee to deal personally with the emergency.  For example, time-off may be applied so that the individual may arrange home-care for a sick relative rather than time-off for the individual to care for their relative themselves.

Typically, the Head of Division may grant leave for urgent domestic purposes for a period of up to five working days (with or without pay).   Human Resources maintains records of leave and must be notified when leave is granted for, regardless of whether leave is granted on a paid or unpaid basis.

Employees are required to contact their line manager as soon as possible on the first day on which urgent domestic purposes prevent their attendance at work, and on each day of continuous absence thereafter.  Where the urgency or nature of the situation makes this requirement unreasonable or impossible, the employee must nevertheless contact the employer at the earliest opportunity.

Further information on the statutory provisions is available at directgov.