Jury Service

Applicable to employees of the Central Academic Bodies and central activities of the University of London (the "central University").

Employees called for Jury Service are required to report the fact as soon as possible to their Head of Division who should in turn ensure that the employee notifies Human Resources for the relevant forms to be completed.   Heads of Division themselves required to report for Jury Service should notify the Chief Operating Officer.

Employees will first be aware that they have been chosen for Jury Service on receiving notification from the court.  At this point, the employee is required to answer the summons for jury service.  The individual’s response to the court may result in their being considered ineligible, excluded from jury service, or have their period of service deferred to a later date.  Therefore, an individual should not be regarded as having been called for Jury Service until confirmation has been received from the Court.  When confirmation is received, it should be accompanied by an information pack, including a Certificate of Loss of Earnings form.  It is at this point that the employee should be referred to the Human Resources Division.

Employees will not be required to seek compensation from jury services for the first four weeks they attend court, as the central University will continue to pay the employee’s normal salary. If the employee’s Jury Service continues beyond four weeks the central University will pay the difference between the compensation available from the court for loss of earnings (excluding the sum payable for subsistence) and normal salary.  Employees will be required to provide Human Resources with the remittance advice form supplied to them by jury services so that appropriate deductions can be made from the employee’s monthly salary. Staff will not suffer a financial loss while on Jury Service.