1 Introduction

Employees of the Central Academic Bodies and and central activities of the University of London (the "central University’’) are entitled to a reasonable amount of time off work if you are one of the following:

  • a magistrate (sometimes known as a justice of the peace);
  • a local councilor;
  • a school governor;
  • a member of a policy authority;
  • a member of any statutory tribunal (e.g. an Employment Tribunal);
  • a member of the managing or governing body of an educational establishment;
  • a member of a school council or board in Scotland;
  • a member of the General Teaching Councils for England and Wales;
  • a member of the Environment Agency or the Scottish Environment Protection agency;
  • in England and Wales, a member of the prison independent monitoring boards or in Scotland, a member of the prison visiting committees;
  • a member of Scottish Water or a Water Customer Consultation Panel;
  • a member of the volunteer reserve forces.

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2 Reasonable time off work

Whether your time off is classed as reasonable will depend on:

  • what your duties are;
  • the time you need to carry them out;
  • the operational difficulties your absence causes to your division;
  • how much time off you have already had for public duties or trade union duties.

Where the amount of time off you require for public duties is regarded as unreasonable by the central University, or begins to cause operational difficulties for your division/department, the central University has the right to refuse you further time off in the immediate future.  Alternatively, you may be permitted to take time off from your annual leave entitlement for this purpose.

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3 Applying for the leave

Any time off work for public duties must be agreed as far as possible in advance with your line manager.  Any request you make for time off must be in writing to your line manager (who should then inform Human Resources), specifying the dates on which you wish to take time off and state the expected length of your absence.

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4 Salary during the leave

Time off for public duties will normally be unpaid. However, at the discretion of your division/department and taking into account any time allowed for other approved purposes, some or all of your time may be paid (subject to the deduction of any monies received from the relevant authority in respect of the duties performed, which must be declared to Human Resources).

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