Applicable to employees of the Central Academic Bodies and central activities of the University of London (the "central University").

Please refer to sections on Staffing Needs (New and Existing Post and Grade Reviews)Recruitment Freeze and Temporary Staff prior to making a ‘Staffing’ request. 

1 Monitoring 
2 Advertisement 
3 Advertising: JOBS.AC.UK 
4 Recruitment Agencies  
5 Advice on Recruitment 

1 Monitoring

It is important that all vacancies are subject to some form of monitoring prior to advertisement.  Prior to advertising, the manager must consider:

  • Any requirement to redeploy existing staff under threat or notice of redundancy;
  • Any requirement to redeploy existing staff whose fixed-term contract is approaching expiry without confirmation of renewal;
  • Availability of suitable accommodation and finance.

The manager must also:

  • Ensure that an appropriate job description and person specification is drawn up;
  • In the case of new roles or any role for which the job description or person specification has changed, ensure that an appropriate job evaluation exercise is completed (please contact the Associate Director of HR: Pensions, Resourcing and HR Operations).

There are formal monitoring arrangements in place for all roles for which Human Resources has a responsibility for recruitment.   Please see the section on Staffing Needs (New and Existing Posts and Grade Reviews). 

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2 Advertisement

The central University Human Resources Division has a limited budget available for advertising.  Advertising expenditure from this budget is subject to approval and may not normally exceed 10% of the anticipated starting salary on appointment.  Not all Divisions have access to this budget – self-financing Divisions generally being excluded from the provision.  Please contact the HR Recruitment Adviser for further information.

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3 Advertising: JOBS.AC.UK

As part of its strategic objectives, the central University wishes to maximise its advertising of all suitable vacancies on the website.  As part of this objective, the central University pre-pays a subscription annually for unlimited advertising.   Divisions may place advertisements with without charge (the subscription charge being wholly met from Human Resources advertising budget) provided that:

  • The advertisement is placed through the central University Human Resources Division;
  • The advertisement is forwarded as a Word format attachment to the HR Recruitment Adviser;
  • The advertisement carries the University logo only (this latter provision is required as additional charges apply to separate logos which cannot be met through the subscription).

Those individuals with the relevant responsibility to recruit other than through the Human Resources may continue to send advertisements direct should they wish, but Human Resources regrets that these cannot then be funded through the central budget.

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4 Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies can be a highly effective method of recruitment.  Whereas an advertisement costs a fixed-sum of money (often but not always less than the standard agency fee), the cost is payable regardless of the success of the advertisement.  Agency fees are typically only payable on appointment and, in some cases, a refund schedule/free replacement system applies where the individual fails in or leaves the role within a certain period of time. 

However, although some agencies are better than others, some are very expensive.    The central University Human Resources Division has negotiated favourable rates with a number of agencies and will be happy to assist and advise.  Please contact the HR Recruitment Adviser in the first instance.

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5 Advice on Recruitment

Please contact the HR Recruitment Adviser for advice on recruitment, including:

  • advice on equal opportunities (including the need to undertake equal opportunities monitoring);
  • job descriptions and person specifications;
  • advertisement content and style;
  • appropriate advertisement media;
  • recruitment agencies and agency fees;
  • agency temp to perm arrangements;
  • further particulars documentation;
  • shortlisting and selection;
  • interview panel make up;
  • offers of and conditions of appointment;
  • medicals and references;
  • work permit/visa/residency status etc.

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