Temporary Staff

Applicable to employees of the Central Academic Bodies and central activities of the University of London (the "central University").

Requests to engage temporary staff for a period of 5 days or more are subject to vacancy approval procedures.  Please refer to sections on Staffing Needs (New and Existing Post and Grade Reviews)Recruitment Freeze and Recruitment prior to making a ‘Staffing’ request. 

Please ensure that you provide a sufficiently detailed and accurate specification of the duties and working arrangements that you will require to be undertaken, since this is vital to our ensuring that we secure an appropriately skilled temp at value for money rates.

Human Resources will engage a suitable agency worker on your behalf.   Should an agency worker prove unsatisfactory or notify you of their intention to cease work prior to the end of your requirement for a temp, please notify the Human Resources at the earliest opportunity. 

Please ensure that there are always appropriate arrangements in place for temporary staff to have their time-sheets signed by a suitable individual with knowledge of the individual’s attendance.

In certain cases (generally involving longer-term bookings), it may be a better and cheaper solution to engage temporary staff on a direct-employment basis.   Please make enquiries to Human Resources.

To ensure that the central University’s equality policies and its audit and value for money aims met, should an agency temporary staff or their agency contact you directly with regard to a change of pay rate you should discuss this matter with the HR Recruitment Adviser in the first instance only.