Time-Keeping: Handling Poor Time-Keeping

Applicable to employees of the Central Academic Bodies and central activities of the University of London (the "central University").

An individual’s poor time-keeping may, after discussion, result in disciplinary action and, in that context, our first priority in addressing poor-timekeeping must be to establish that it is unacceptable and a breach of the employee’s employment contract.

Managers should first discuss the matter with the employee to establish the underlying cause of the problem so that we can, if possible, help to find an appropriate solution, taking account of any genuine travel difficulties which the employee may have.  For example, it may be mutually acceptable to modify the start or finish times over the short or long-term.

Nevertheless, the employee should be advised that lateness may result in deductions from pay unless the time is made up at a time convenient to the employer and persistent lateness may result in formal disciplinary action and may lead to dismissal.