Retirement (formally Age Retirement Procedure)

The ‘Age Retirement Procedure’ is no longer applicable to employees of the Central Academic Bodies and central activities of the University of London (the ‘central University’) following the removal of the default retirement age of 65 under new Regulations which took effect on 6 April 2011.

If an employee of the central University decides that they want to retire, they should inform their line manager in writing as far in advance as possible and, in any event, in accordance with the notice periods set out in their terms and conditions of employment. This will assist the central University with our succession planning.

The central University will then write to the employee acknowledging the employee’s notice to retire and will arrange a meeting with the employee to discuss arrangements for their retirement, including the intended retirement date, succession and handover plans and pension details.

Please note that the ‘Retirement’ section within the terms and conditions of employment is not applicable to employees whose employment with the central University commenced on or after 1 August 2011. Please refer to your offer letter for further information. 

For pensions information, including any provisions for retiring prior to the age of 65, employees should contact the Pensions Office and/or their appropriate occupational pensions provider (SAUL/ USS).