1 Purpose of the Forum

The JNCC acts as the formal body through which the management of the central University meets with two recognised Trade Unions: UCU and UNISON for communication and consultation and negotiation.

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2 Objectives of the Forum

The objective of the Forum shall be to inform representatives of the recognised Trade Unions on the University’s activities and economic situation; and to inform and consult with them on:

  • Employment within the University
  • Decisions likely to lead to substantial changes in work organisation or contractual relations, including redundancies and transfers.

Individual grievance and disciplinary matters will not fall within the scope of the forum.

The University shall not be obliged to inform or consult when the nature of the information or consultation would, when objectively judged, seriously harm the functioning of the University or would be prejudicial to it.  In such cases the University will keep a record of the objective judgment, and will inform or consult when the risk of harm has passed.

The University will discharge separately its statutory requirements to consult Trade Unions on redundancies, TUPE etc.

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3 Status of the Forum

The JNCC shall be a standalone committee of the central University. However, the central University will provide summary reports of substantive matters considered at the JNCC to the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group, the Board of Trustees and to other relevant committees of the central University as appropriate.

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4 Frequency of Meetings

The Forum shall meet three times a year on set days publicised at the beginning of each academic year.

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5 Composition of the Forum

The membership of the Forum is set out at Annex 1.

The Chair of the central University side and UCU / Unison side shall alternate the chairing of each meeting of the JNCC

The meeting shall constitute a quorum when at least 4 members from each of the parties are present.

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6 Employee Representatives

The University recognises UCU and UNISON for collective bargaining purposes. UCU and UNISON will provide representatives for the Forum who have been elected by the local membership under those unions’ rules.

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7 The Agenda and Minutes of Meetings

The Employer will arrange production of minutes and Agendas. The meetings shall convene subject to the proposal of Agenda items by either party normally 10 working days before a meeting, and the distribution of the agenda and supporting papers normally 5 working days beforehand. Minutes of the meeting will be distributed, following agreement with the Chairs, normally within 15 working days of the meeting.

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Annex 1

Membership of the Joint Negotiating and Consultation Committee

Central University Side

Central University members will be made up of the following eight members plus the Secretary to the JNCC

  • Deputy University Secretary;
  • Director of Finance;
  • Director of HR;
  • Up to three Heads of Departments/Section Directors;
  • Up to two senior members of staff from HR Department.

Union side

  • Minimum of two and maximum of four representatives both Unison and UCU;
  • One regional full time official from each union will also be able to attend any meetings of the JNCC at either sides request.

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