The services we offer

This page contains information about the services we offer, including leaflets, guidance and newsletters.

Prospectus and course content

Prospectuses can be obtained from our Colleges & Institutes. You can also search for details of specific courses. You can browse the general information for students for further details about studying at the University.
Services for outside bodies

The University provides a wide range of services for outside bodies. These include business services, media comment and accommodation through the Housing Services  and Halls of residence.

Welfare and counselling

Student welfare and counselling information is available via our Student services page, including the Gower Street Practice , and the Chaplaincy.

Health including medical services

Health care treatment and advice can be obtained from the local Gower Street Practice .


The Careers Group , University of London is recognised as an international centre of excellence and is the largest higher education careers service in the UK.

Chaplaincy services

The Chaplaincy serves the University community by offering pastoral counselling, and support and guidance in matters of faith and spiritual development for all students and staff of the Christian and Jewish traditions, and also those with no religious background.

Services for which the university is entitled to recover a fee together with those fees
Services which require the payment of a fee vary across the University and enquiries should be made of the self-governing colleges. From the central University perspective the following services can incur a cost:

University of London - Transcripts and Student records

University of London International Programmes – Cost to get your degree 

School of Advanced Study – Tuition fees


University of London Housing Services 

Conference facilities

Data Protection

Freedom of Information

Sports and recreational facilities

Sports and recreational facilities vary across the University and enquiries should be made of the self-governing colleges.

Museums, libraries, special collections and archives

There are dedicated web pages for our libraries , special collections  and archives .

Conference facilities

Senate House, following a multi-million pound three year refurbishment, has now  re-opened its doors as one of the best conference and events venues in  London. Conference facilities are also provided at our Halls of Residences .

Advice and guidance

Advice and guidance is available on the following areas:




Data Protection

Freedom of Information


University of London International Programmes 

Local campaigns and media releases




Current initiatives