Online Appraisal

To login in to the online system please access the appraisals webpageand enter your username and password. New employees will receive an automated email with information about how they can login for the first time, at which point they will be asked to create a password.

For further guidance please see the Appraisal Policy.


The Organisational & Staff Development (OSD) team have produced the following guide that will support you through the process. 

Appraisal Guide  [PDF 25pgs, 1,485KB]

Appraisal briefings are held between July and September each year, please see the Calendar of Events for details. Appraisal briefings or further training can also be scheduled on demand by individual teams, departments and/or institutes, please contact the OSD team  if you would like to discuss this further. 

Competency Models

The Competency Models (established in 2010) provide both a common framework for effective performance, as well as criteria that are observable and measurable and so makes the appraisal process more objective.   

Standard Competency Model  [PDF 18pgs, 678KB]

Some departments use a tailored version of the Model, please see these below:

School of Advanced Study Competency Model  [PDF 15pgs, 480KB]

International Academy Competency Model  [PDF 19pgs, 543KB]

Senate House Libraries Competency Model  [PDF 18pgs, 496KB]

The Careers Group Competency Model  [PDF 17pgs, 490KB]

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Organisational & Staff Development team either via email   or telephone (x8082).


Last Reviewed July 2016

Calendar of Events 

Online Appraisal 


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