Applicable to employees of the Central Academic Bodies and central activities of the University of London (the "central University").The central University’s appraisal scheme applies to all staff that have passed their probation period. The University’s commitment that all eligible staff members have an appraisal is based upon the need to:

  • Enhance performance by reflecting on the past year, celebrate achievements, and consider areas for improvement; 
  • Ensure expectations are clear by setting objectives that are aligned to the departmental/area plan and University’s strategy;
  • Identify any development needs and plan how these will be met. 

All of the above activities will be happening throughout the year through one to one meetings and daily interactions. The appraisal provides an opportunity to summarise, capture, and formalise these on-going conversations.


The Appraisal meeting itself can take place at any point during the academic year (August to July, with time given until the end of October to complete the online form). The University will report on the completed appraisal figures to Vice Chancellor’s Executive Group (VCEG) and Planning and Resources Group (PRG). 


The University has an online appraisal system where staff will be able to locate their appraisal forms. The Organisational and Staff Development (OSD) team run termly reports on the “planning personal and professional development” section of each completed form. The OSD team will use data from these reports to identify and/or organise relevant development interventions e.g. training courses, mentoring opportunities, job shadowing, team events, etc. Employees can find out more by visiting the OSD website.


The appraisal scheme is not directly linked to probation review, salary or grade review, or the promotion process.  Additional appraisal information and guidance can be found on the links below:

For further details or advice about the scheme and any enquiries please contact the OSD Team 

Organisational & Staff Development

1st Floor, Stewart House
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Email: Organisational & Staff Development