Online appraisals - FAQs

Q: Who can see my appraisal form data?

A: Only you and your appraiser(s) can see your appraisal form.  If you have additional commentators they will see the finalised review form, but will only have the ability to comment and will not be able to make any changes to the review.  If the need arises, Staff Development has been appointed as the department within the University that can access the data on the system. 

Q: Who can see my history in the appraisal form?

A: Only you will be able to see your history in the appraisal form. Until you decide to share it with your appraiser and / or additional commentators. 

Q: Who can see my personal data, like email address, job title, password etc?

A:  Your personal data is visible to Staff Development and a Simitive administrator. Your password, once changed from the randomly generated initial password you are assigned, is not visible to anyone.

Q: Where is the data stored?

A: We host our core services on virtual machines leased in a major UK-based data centre.  Encrypted backups of data are maintained in multiple server locations (including on an Amazon EC2 environment in Ireland).  Should our main data centre fail, we are able to very quickly (between one hour and four hours depending on the nature of the disaster) restore data and resume operations from any one of our backup locations.

Q: Are there procedures in place to recover data?

A: Our servers and their operating environment are backed by a 99.95% uptime guarantee.  Our servers are constantly monitored to ensure availability for our clients with alerts to system administrators who are on call to investigate and rectify issues 24 hours a day.  Database backups are taken at regular intervals.  These are subject to 256 bit encryption and are securely transferred to and stored on a server in a different data centre to the live websites.

Q: How is our data transferred?

A: Your organisation can select whether changes to/exports of data are done manually, automated on a regular basis, or entirely synchronised ‘live’ over specific interfaces or web services.


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