Essentials of Budgeting

Essentials of Budgeting course has been developed by the Leadership Foundation as their first ever online only course. The training has been designed in partnership with the division of JISC called Netskills who specialise in delivering a wide range of high quality online courses. 

It’s a free and user friendly course that will provide you with an intuitive method of studying budgeting that complements a hectic work schedule and offers challenging scenarios instead of direct transmission of information.

Essentials of Budgeting has six modules that become more challenging as you progress through the course. The modules themselves range between 15 minutes to one hour; overall the course should take about 4-5 hours to complete. Essentials of Budgeting does not require a log in and you are encouraged to use it as and when you need it.

This course is an excellent tool to help you increase the understanding of budgeting to improve decision making and thereby improve the financial results across the sector. 

 If you would like to do the course, please follow the link here


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