Inside Insight - Internal Job Shadowing


The Inside Insight Programme has been developed as a result of feedback from the University of London staff survey to understand more about what other teams do, as a contribution to the 4th strategic aim to manage a high performing organisation, and as an opportunity for career development. It is available for employees across the University and is specifically focused on shadowing University of London colleagues. 

Job shadowing aims to achieve the below objectives: 

  • Increase communication between departments;
  • Increase knowledge of the structure of the University, departmental strategies and activities, and key issues affecting the University;
  • Increase sharing of good practice across departments through learning and questioning;
  • Provide an opportunity for personal and professional development.


Job shadowing entails spending time with and observing the work of another member of staff in a department or role of interest in order to gain insight into work in that area. It can also be used to provide an individual within a department the opportunity to work alongside more experienced colleagues so they can learn and develop within their current role.


Further information can be found in the Programme Guide  [8pgs, 531KB], including:

  • Types of job shadowing;
  • How the scheme works;
  • Guidance on hosting a visit.



Any central University member of staff, either full time or part time, permanent or contract, who has line manager’s agreement to participate can apply for a place in the programme. 


This programme is open for expressions of interest and applications until the 30th September. This is a pilot period of 3 months at which point the programme will be reviewed and evaluated. 

Whilst the deadline is the 30th September this does not mean that the shadowing will take place by this point, any applications received by this point will be honoured even if it means the shadowing takes place at a later date. 

If you would like to apply to shadow another employee then please complete the Application Form  [2pgs, 66KB] and return to

If you would like to express an interest in being shadowed then please email