Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the University and comprises fourteen members: nine independent (including the Chair) from outside the University and the Colleges; the Vice-Chancellor; and four Heads of Colleges. It exercises guardianship over the University’s assets and resources, and ensures their effective management, control and use.

The members of the Board are:


Independent members

The Vice-Chancellor

Heads of Colleges

Functions and Constitution

The following document sets out the functions and constitution for the Board of Trustees.

Functions and Constitution  [PDF 3pgs, 20KB]

Minutes of recent meetings

Minutes of meetings of the Board of Trustees will appear here once they have been confirmed. 

Please note:  Some papers for consideration by the Board of Trustees/Collegiate Council, and sections of the recorded minutes, may be withheld from publication under the exemptions provided in the Freedom of Information Act 2000. A provisional exemption will be applied in the preparation of the minutes and referenced in the text.  In the event of a request being made for information withheld in the published minutes the University will take the required steps around the exemption, such as carrying out a public interest test, in making its response in accordance with the Act.

Board of Trustees May 2014  [PDF 8pgs, 84KB]
Board of Trustees March 2014  [PDF 9pgs, 85KB]
Board of Trustees January 2014  [PDF 9pgs, 91KB]
Board of Trustees November 2013  [PDF 12pgs, 99KB]
Board of Trustees October 2013 [PDF 9pgs, 90KB]
Board of Trustees July 2013 [PDF 15pgs, 105KB]
Board of Trustees May 2013 [PDF 12pgs, 112KB]
Board of Trustees March 2013 [PDF 9pgs, 86KB]
Board of Trustees January 2013 [PDF 11pgs, 71KB]
Board of Trustees November 2012 [PDF 10pgs, 67KB]
Board of Trustees October 2012 [PDF 9pgs, 135KB]
Board of Trustees July 2012 [PDF 13pgs, 176KB]
Board of Trustees May 2012 [PDF 10pgs, 129KB]
Board of Trustees March 2012 [PDF 12pgs, 157KB]
Board of Trustees January 2012  [PDF 7pgs, 129KB]
Board of Trustees November 2011  [PDF 10pgs, 150KB]
Board of Trustees October 2011  [PDF 9pgs, 134KB]
Board of Trustees July 2011  [PDF 10pgs, 143KB]
Board of Trustees May 2011  [PDF 8pgs, 130KB]
Board of Trustees March 2011  [PDF 13pgs, 142KB]
Board of Trustees January 2011  [PDF 13pgs, 146KB]
Board of Trustees November 2010  [PDF 11pgs, 129KB]
Board of Trustees October 2010   [PDF 8pgs, 116KB]
Board of Trustees July 2010   [PDF 12pgs, 133KB]
Board of Trustees May 2010   [PDF 11pgs, 118KB]
Board of Trustees March 2010   [PDF 13pgs, 116KB]
Board of Trustees January 2010  [PDF 12pgs, 121KB]
Board of Trustees December 2009  [PDF 13pgs, 127KB]
Board of Trustees October 2009  [PDF 12pgs, 117KB]
Board of Trustees July 2009  [PDF 14pgs, 140KB]
Board of Trustees May 2009  [PDF 14pgs, 114KB]
Board of Trustees March 2009  [PDF 11pgs, 120KB]
Board of Trustees January 2009  [PDF 12pgs, 140KB]
Board of Trustees November 2008  [PDF 14pgs, 130KB]
Board of Trustees October 2008  [PDF 15pgs, 150KB]

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