The Ordinances are available to download below. If you have any queries, please contact the Central Secretariat .

Board of Trustees/Collegiate Council

1. Functions of the Board of Trustees  [PDF 2pgs, 72KB]

2. Appointments to the Board of Trustees  [PDF 2pgs, 16KB]

3. Board of Trustees Procedures  [PDF 4pgs, 80KB]

4. Functions of the Collegiate Council  [PDF 3pgs, 15KB]

5. Collegiate Council Procedures  [PDF 3pgs, 80KB]

6. Delegation of Functions  [PDF 19pgs, 152KB]

Annex 1 Terms of Reference for Committees established by the Board of Trustees or the Collegiate Council
Annex 2 Standing Functions Delegated by the Board of Trustees or Collegiate Council to University Staff

7. Committees of the Board of Trustees and of the Collegiate Council  [PDF 6pgs, 136KB]

8. Registration and Declaration of Interests  [PDF 7pg, 73KB]


9. Colleges of the University  [PDF 4pgs, 21KB]

10. Funding Federal Activities: The Federal Subscription  [PDF 2pgs, 13KB]

Central Academic Bodies

11. Central Academic Bodies  [PDF 6pgs, 108KB]


12. The Chancellor  [PDF 2pgs, 83KB]

13. The Vice-Chancellor  [PDF 3pgs, 61KB]


14. Students  [PDF 2pgs, 12KB]

15. Termination of Registration on Academic Grounds  [PDF 6pgs, 140KB]

16. Fitness to Study  [PDF 4pgs, 86KB]

17. Code of Student Discipline  [PDF 14pgs, 68KB]

Annex 1 Policy in Respect of Offences that are also Criminal Offences
Annex 2 Suspension and Exclusion of Students Pending a Hearing
Annex 3 Rules Governing Posters, Notices, Temporary Signs, the Distribution of Literature and Communications

18. Suspension and Termination of Registration of Students in Debt  [PDF 5pgs, 147KB]

19. Student Complaints  [PDF 7pgs, 41KB]

Annex 1 Model Procedure: Student Complaints
Annex 2 Model Procedure on Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying of Students


20. Academic Staff  [PDF 6pgs, 24KB]

Annex 1 Constitution of Panels – School of Advanced Study
Annex 2 Constitution of Panels – University of London International Academy

University Procedures

21. Equality Policy  [PDF 2pgs, 18KB] Please note that this Policy is currently under revision.

22. Risk Management Policy  [PDF 2pgs, 18KB]

23. Public Interest Disclosure  [PDF 4pgs, 18KB]

24. Code of Practice on Meetings or Other Activities on University Premises  [PDF 8pgs, 208KB]

Annex 1 Procedures on Meetings or Other Activities on University Premises
Annex 2 Extract from the Education (No. 2) Act 1986

25. Sealing and Authentication of Documents  [PDF 1pg, 160KB]

26. Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations  [PDF 1pg, 44KB]

27. Fraud Response Plan  [PDF 8pgs, 43KB]

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