Aim 1: deliver academic excellence

Invest in our academic excellence to widen student access through flexible learning and to fulfil an ambitious programme of research promotion and facilitation in the humanities

Our academic mission encompasses the pursuit of excellence through, amongst others, our research institutes and libraries, and also the widening of student access to academic attainment through flexible learning.

Our objectives in relation to this aim are:

  • To be the world’s leading provider of flexible modes of education in collaboration with our Colleges
  • To provide world-class support to individuals, networks and organisations conducting humanities research, nationally and internationally
  • To produce and provide exemplary research, research training and taught programmes within the humanities, broadly defined
  • To uphold the quality of the University of London degree award
  • To promote and facilitate federal collaboration through new academic and cultural initiatives

This aim is underpinned by the following supporting strategies:

  • International Programmes Strategic Plan
  • School of Advanced Study, Strategic Framework