Aim 2: provide innovative high-quality academic support and professional services

Develop, augment and commercialise our portfolio of services for the University’s members and the education sector, with the aim to be the “go to” provider of student and academic support services

The University manages and will further develop a suite of student, academic support and professional services for Colleges and other institutions, covering: careers, employment, housing, libraries, virtual learning, computing, student recreational and developmental services, examination services and other specialist professional services. Our service offer is integral to our overall mission, with academic support services underpinning the excellence of our academic offer.

Our objectives in relation to this aim are:

  • Enhance the student learning experience
  • Maintain and develop sustainable student recreational, housing and development services
  • Enable organisations to educate and develop individuals to achieve career success
  • Provide innovative and high-quality support and professional services to institutions
  • Develop services in order to realise commercial opportunities

This aim is underpinned by the following supporting strategy:

  • Services Strategy (in development - due for completion in 2015)