Aim 4: manage a high-performing organisation

Increase our investment in staff development, encourage a common purpose across our diverse activities and enhance our capacity where gaps exist, in order to deliver our plans

Fundamental to this Strategy is an environment with well-motivated and highly-skilled staff, who are confident and clear about the University’s purpose and the contribution they individually make.

In order to deliver its academic, service and property roles and supporting plans, the central University has to be a high-performing organisation that thrives in a changing environment. The central University will strengthen its ‘One University’ approach, whereby common objectives, co-ordinated processes, efficiencies and mutual awareness are actively pursued. The right balance will be struck between this approach and the diverse activity areas of the central University.

Our objectives in relation to this aim are:

  • Develop our people
  • Sustain our finances
  • Maintain and enhance our brand
  • Develop and deliver high-quality ICT systems and services
  • Further develop internal customer service approaches
  • Effective governance and management

This aim is underpinned by the following supporting strategies:

  • People Strategy
  • Financial Strategy
  • ICT Strategy (internal architecture, services and development)