Thornley publication grants

Funds are available to help anyone holding a History degree from the University of London, or teaching in its History departments, with the costs of publishing a monograph, an edition, a single essay or book of essays.

Grants can currently be made up to a maximum of £750, and might take the form of a subvention to a publisher, help with the payments for image copyright, go towards the costs of drawing maps or towards covering the expenses of photographic reproduction, amongst other things (see How to apply, below).

Isobel Thornley, who was killed in an air raid on London during World War II, left her estate to the University of London, ‘for the encouragement of postgraduate study and research, in history, in the University by means of scholarships, or such other means, as the Board of Studies (in History) for the time being, might, in their absolute discretion think fit.’

In 1959, at the request of the Academic Council of the University of London, the Board put forward proposals for the use of this bequest, which, in the meantime, had been carefully managed and was now producing a steady annual income. Academic Council and the Court of the University accepted the History Board’s proposal that the income was to be managed by a Committee, and was primarily to be used to help with the publication of historical work.

The Fund is open to all holding BAs and/or postgraduate degrees in History from the University of London or who teach in one of its History departments.

How to apply:

Please contact Dr Clive Burgess to discuss an application.

To apply you will need to provide an outline budget showing how your grant would be used.

You should also arrange for two references to be sent directly to Dr Burgess.

Applications can be submitted at any time for consideration by the Committee, but prospective applicants are advised that the Committee meets only once or twice a year.

Recipients of a grant from the Thornley Fund are required to acknowledge this by stating in the preface or other appropriate place within the work that it has been published ‘with the help of a grant from the late Miss Isobel Thornley’s Bequest to the University of London.’

On publication, one copy of your item must be sent, free of charge, to both the Goldsmith’s Librarian in Senate House and also the Librarian of the Institute of Historical Research.