University of London Libraries Access Agreement

The following agreement enables current University of London undergraduate and postgraduate students to access nearly all of the libraries of the institutions which make up the federal University.

The value of this arrangement to University of London students is that it offers you:

  • access to books and other library materials in subject areas that are often unrivalled and which have been built over many years
  • a strong position vis-à-vis UK students outside the University of London, who are not normally afforded this degree of access. 

The national Sconul Access  scheme also allows for access to and borrowing from other libraries within and beyond the University of London under the terms described. If you are in doubt as to your eligibility, please enquire with your institutional library.

University of London Libraries Access Agreement

This agreement provides for reference access to the federal University of London's institutional libraries by all members of the University of London and supplements the national Sconul Access  scheme.

Participating libraries agree (see Additional Notes at end of text):-

  1. That individual libraries may require applicants under the Agreement to demonstrate their need to consult material held in that library. This criterion of need means that students should not expect to be able to use other libraries purely for study space or for reasons of ease and convenience.
  2. That individual libraries may require users under the Agreement to adhere to shorter opening hours than those which apply to 'home' institutional users of that Library.
  3. That all libraries within the University of London should admit free of charge current members of the University on production of appropriate institutional ID in order to consult printed materials in their stock.
  4. That participating University of London institutions have particular responsibility to provide adequate resources to support their own taught courses and under this Agreement may need to restrict access to teaching collections and, similarly, to other specialist collections.
  5. Access to electronic services and resources may be restricted under the terms of this Agreement.
  6. This Agreement does not include the provision of inter-library loan services.
  7. Libraries participating in the Agreement should, on their own web pages and in other publicity should:
    a. Announce their participation in the Agreement
    b. Link to the authoritative wording of the Agreement
    c. Make clear what range of services is available locally under
    the Agreement.
  8. All those institutions participating in the University of London Access Agreement are listed under the Colleges and Institutes information (see Additional Notes at end of text). 

Additional Notes

  • Agreed at the University of London Libraries Committee, Spring Term 2007 meeting
  • Participating institutions are listed on the Colleges and Institutes page, excluding the University of London Institute in Paris and the University of London International Programmes.

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