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Becoming a Recognised Teaching Centre

The University of London has a Network of over 100 Recognised Teaching Centres in different countries all over the world.

If you are interested in supporting our students, or would like to have your existing support more formally recognised we encourage you to look at The Becoming a Recognised Teaching Centre [PDF] which provides you with further information and details on how the University considers institutions for recognition.

Teaching Centre Recognition Framework

Our Teaching Centre Recognition Framework is a mechanism for formally recognising teaching centres offering support for the University’s programmes.

Recognised Teaching Centres must demonstrate that they meet a set of quality criteria in order to be granted, and subsequently maintain, Recognised Teaching Centre status.

Recognised Teaching Centres must demonstrate that they meet these criteria by providing appropriate evidence, and the University monitors Recognised Teaching Centres against these criteria.

Teaching Centre Recognition Framework criteria

How to apply

The University of London has a rigorous three stage process to ensure that every perspective Recognised Teaching Centre meets the quality and standards of the University.

Stage 1

Applications and submission of Stage 1 documentation to becoming a New Teaching Centres is only processed during a three-month period of the year between 6th January 2025 - 7th March 2025, although applications can be submitting at any time throughout the year, they will not be formally processed until this period.

Stage 2

Those perspective Recognised Teaching Centres who meet the quality and standards of the University of London will then be given the opportunity to progressed to Stage 2, where further information and documentation will be required for submission.

Stage 3

After further quality assurance checks are met, applicants will move to Stage 3 for formal board and committee approvals.

More information

More information on what is required for submission can be found in Call for Application Teaching Centre Framework [PDF].

Apply now

To submit your completed Stage 1 documentation please click the button below and upload the required files as requested and provide the below information within the email: Name of your Institution and key contact person(s) details.


If you require any additional information or need any support with your application submission to becoming a Recognised Teaching Centre, please contact with the below information included in your email:

  • Name of your Institution
  • A brief overview of your role within the Institution
  • A detailed description of the support you require

Before reaching out please make sure you have gone through all the documentation provided to ensure you question has not been answered.

Current Recognised Teaching Centre Locations

For those students who prefer the structured study support of a traditional learning environment, they can attend classes for many of our degrees at one of our current Recognised Teaching Centres which you have an opportunity to become a part of.

View a list of our network of centres which allow students to undertake their studies.