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Board of Trustees

Ilsa Tariq

Student member - Board of Trustees

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Ilsa Tariq graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management at the University of London (LSE EMFSS programmes).

Ilsa Tariq is the first student member to serve on our Board of Trustees*.  

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management from the University of London and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Development Management at the London School of Economics and Politics.  

During her first undergraduate year, Ilsa founded The University of London Global Community, a Discord group of over 1,200 students. She has also been a member of the Student Voice Group since 2020 and served as Co-chair from 2021-2023. 

Ilsa’s future aims lie in alleviating poverty and reforming the educational landscape in developing countries. She is a Trustee and Director at the Hamara Ghar Welfare Trust Foundation, the largest all-girls orphanage in her hometown of Islamabad, Pakistan. She has interned and worked at several Government ministries in Pakistan, including the National Commission on the Rights of a Child, the National Commission on the Status of Women, and the Ministry of Planning and Special Initiatives, contributing to policies in child poverty and women’s empowerment. While working as a PR and Educational Partnerships Lead at DAOHQ, she spearheaded the ‘Women in Web3’ panel, where influential women speakers such as Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes spoke about building more opportunities for girls in developing countries.   

In March 2023, Ilsa was part of the University of London delegation to present a loyal address to King Charles III at Buckingham Palace. 

*The University of London is in the process of changing its Statutes to include a student member of the Board of Trustees. Until this change is formalised, Ilsa will not have formal trustee responsibilities but will participate in meetings and discussions.