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The value of a British degree

British higher education is world class. The excellence of the teaching and research in British universities is acknowledged worldwide.

If you study with the University of London, wherever you are in the world, you will be studying for a degree which follows the rigorous standards set by the British government for all UK higher education.

The University of London has registered with the Office for Students (OfS) which is the independent regulator of higher education in England. It aims to ensure that every student, whatever their background, has a fulfilling experience of higher education that enriches their lives and careers.

The approach to learning that we follow, and is common to all British degrees, fosters independent thinking, analytical skills and self-discipline. This will give you an edge when you're competing for a job as these are skills employers particularly value. In addition, studying in English will enable you to improve your English language skills and give you a head start in an international career.

As we use dependable assessment methods - including unseen written exams, with rigorous checks for plagiarism, you can be confident about the value of your degree.

MSc Epidemiology - Christine Blaser (Canada)

The programme offered the intellectual challenge I was looking for. Assignments contained a balance between the application of textbook knowledge and a thorough practice of analytical and methodological skills.

Distance learning allows the student to develop excellent planning skills and self-discipline and to overcome obstacles, all of which can be sought-after competences in the job market.

Since graduation I’ve had three successful job interviews during which the excellence of the School was emphasized. I chose to work as project coordinator in a university research centre documenting and harmonizing data from many international epidemiological studies.

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MSc Public Health - Alison Maassen (USA)

The School's distance learning programme offered me the flexibility to continue developing my career while also gaining academic knowledge from a prestigious institution.

I completed the programme over four years across three continents, often with limited access to the internet - few other academic programmes are that adaptable!

My degree has given me valuable skills in such varied fields as economic analysis, immunology, health services management, and epidemiology, all while allowing me to gain practical project management experience in my full-time job. I apply knowledge gained through my degree to my daily work.

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