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Guidance for Students on Preventing and Responding to Harassment

The University of London is committed to a safe and secure studying environment in which everyone can effectively contribute to the best of their abilities regardless or their personal characteristics.

In order to meet this commitment, the University has developed guidance in order to prevent issues arising and to provide the appropriate support in the event that it is needed, including the clarification of reporting options.

All central academic bodies of the University of London have adopted our:

The intention of this Guidance is to:

  • Confirm the University’s commitment to a safe and secure studying environment
  • Set out the measures the University will seek to prevent harassment
  • Clarify the support available and the process for raising a complaint.


The guidance is intended for all students of the central University of London including those who study with UoL Worldwide and the School of Advanced Study. It also provides advice for students living in University of London Halls or Residences or with a complaint about the University of London Housing Services.

Students who study at federation members of the University of London should seek advice and assistance directly from their institution.

Should you have comments in respect of the terms of this Guidance you should email: