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Open Access Policy

The new Open Access Policy is now available. Guidance to support the implementation of the policy will follow shortly.

The University of London is committed to promoting the highest standard of academic research and to disseminating its research as widely as possible. Research that is openly accessible supports the visibility of researchers and their work across all career stages, fosters collaboration and maximises the intellectual, social, cultural and economic impact.

The University of London is committed to advocating Open Access across its operations and activities, as the right choice for a fair, sustainable and open future, advancing open knowledge as a design principle beyond data.

The University supports the principle that the outcomes of research generated under its aegis should be freely available and accessible to all, while acknowledging its commitment to the academic freedom of choice and supporting its research community to publish in the form and format they consider most appropriate for their research.

The University recognises the different disciplinary research cultures and acknowledges that Open Access may look different across the University.

This Policy aims to be closely aligned with the expectations of the University’s funders and in particular UKRI.

This Policy is part of the University Code of Good Conduct in Research and is to be read in conjunction with the University research policies and guidance, in particular the Open Access Guidance [coming soon], and the Research Data Management Policy and Guidance.


As per the Policy, all research staff at the University needs to have an ORCID ID. This is a unique identifier that links the researcher with their research. Full details on ORCID can be found on their website. This will enable you and the University to keep track of all research publications made under your name. Your ORCID ID is yours to keep throughout your career.

Where possible existing DOI's should be included on any deposit to SAS-Space (when known). DOI's (Digital object identifier) is a stable URL that identifies research objects on the internet and is usually attached to articles and other types of research outputs.

We also have a system that allows the University to get DOI reference numbers on behalf of researchers. If you have a digital object that does not otherwise have a DOI (or will have a DOI) then you may request a DOI for that object by email: cc:


SAS-Space serves as the University’s Open Access repository, making accessible the full text of research publications and outputs by staff, students, and fellows of the School of Advanced Study as well as other academic departments within the Central University. SAS-Space accepts the following material at this time:

  • Peer-reviewed articles
  • Conference proceedings
  • Open access monographs and individual chapters
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Transcripts and project papers
  • The preferred format for these deposits is PDF