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Careers Registration: Insights for employability

The Careers Group OFS learning gain project involved 15 institutions implementing careers registration into the registration and re-enrolment process. This involved two to four career-focused questions to track development of student employability during their time in higher education, predict employment outcomes, and evaluate the effectiveness of employability strategies and interventions.

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Careers Registration National Forum 2023

We are pleased to confirm that the fifth Careers Registration National Forum will take place on Wednesday 14th June as an online event.  

Careers registration is a widely established methodology across the UK, and the resulting data continues to gain momentum as a national interest for the sector, employers and government.  Careers Registration is gaining international traction, with uptake in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  

This one-day event will bring together careers and employability practitioners, and policy makers, to explore the further development and impact of careers registration as an established, sustained, evidence-based approach for employability support in higher education.  We will also consider 'going beyond the data' to understand the nuances of student career decision making.  

Drawing on latest research, the expertise developed across the sector, and careers practitioners’ experiences of working with careers registration data, keynote presentations and interactive workshops will allow colleagues to explore latest innovations in careers registration, and understandings of student career planning  which are shaping services, strategy, and policy.

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Take a look at the programme at a glance

Full conference pack (keynote and workshop abstracts)


Careers Registration Project

The project aimed to begin tracking and analysing/ comparing careers registration data with DLHE data, as well as looking for 'typical' behaviour patterns across subjects areas. Also, the project looked for patterns of careers thinking in combination with work experience across different cohorts and subject areas.

Careers registration project information sheet

Careers Registration Project video

Institutions involved

  • Aberystwyth University
  • City, University of London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Goldsmiths
  • King's College London
  • Lancaster University
  • Liverpool John Moore's University
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • The Royal Veterinary College
  • St George's
  • St Mary's
  • SOAS
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Exeter
  • Ulster University
  • UCL

Uses of Careers Registration

  • Additional evidence for TEF assessment submissions
  • Providing real data on students careers thinking and preparedness
  • Inform strategic service planning and departmental engagement
  • Identification of 'at risk' groups
  • Identifying specific employability needs of groups, leading to targeted marketing and interventions
  • Measuring the effectiveness of employability initiatives

Fundamentals of career registration webinar series

This webinar series has been set up to share Careers Registration best practice from institutions involved in the HEFCE/OfS funded Careers Registration Learning gain project, led by The Careers Group.  

Designing, Planning and Delivering Careers Registration in record time 
Philippa Hewett, SOAS University of London (September 2017)

Philippa Hewett, Head of Careers at SOAS, University of London, shares how Careers Registration went from being a jolly good idea to a full school-wide implementation in the space of a few months.  
She shares the pitfalls she encountered, and how the project was able to swerve around them, and give some ideas of what she'd have done differently if she was starting again.

Careers Registration for Postgraduates 
Stuart Johnson and Katie Hall, University of Bristol (September 2017)

This webinar focuses on one institution’s experiences of implementing careers registration for postgraduate students, 
sharing information about their experiences of implementation, data analysis and data presentation – and encouraging participants to share their ideas. 

Using Registration Data in Employer Engagement 
Isabelle Fraser-Veli and Andrew Wright, King’s College London (November 2017)
In this webinar we explore how careers registration data can underpin a strategic approach to employer engagement, with specific examples of practice from King's College London. 

  • Outlining headline findings from our own data and analyse its impact on our employer relationships 
  • Providing practical examples of how we have adapted faculty careers programmes and employer conversations based on the data 
  • Discussing approaches and challenges in using the data to help shape employer engagement strategy 

The Power of Dashboards: Visualising Careers Registration Data in your Careers Services 
Brenda Welch, City University of London (November 2017)

In this webinar we will explore the Careers Registration project at City University, focusing on useful analytics and practical applications.  
This will include an overview of the Careers registration questions and process; a look at reporting – what should you ask for from IT? And creating reports and dashboards for academic staff and careers staff.  

Work Readiness Learning Gain: What do the Careers Registration findings tell us? 
Fiona Cobb, The Careers Group, University of London (March 2018)

During this webinar we will share latest findings from our Learning Gain research project, from our analysis of partial longitudinal careers registration data, in relation the core topic of work readiness learning gain.  
Participants will be encouraged to consider the implications for the Careers and employability services in the HE sector.  

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Careers Registration Practical Guide November 2019 

Drawing on the research and development of best practice in designing, implementing, and working with the Careers Registration methodology this guide sets out practical guidance for all phases of the CR process. It contains information and advice to help with developing a business case, designing your methodology, collecting the data, and using the data effectively within your service and with your key stakeholders.

Download your copy.

Cobb, Fiona, 'There's No Going Back': The Transformation of HE Careers Services Using Big Data, Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling, Volume 42, Number 1, April 2019, pp. 18-25(8) available online.