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The Careers Group

Inclusive Employability Development through the Curriculum

A Toolkit for Design & Delivery

The Careers Group and the Centre for Online and Distance Education at the University of London are partnering with King’s College London and City, University of London to create this Toolkit to support inclusive employability development through curriculum. The project is one of the QAA’s Collaborative Enhancement Projects for 2023 and the development of the Toolkit will occur between February 2023 and February 2024.

As you will discover through our project blogs, the Toolkit is aimed at academic educators and also to support careers educators who may be working with academic educators to develop employability through curriculum for the first time. Everyone’s starting point on this work is likely to be different, so in the Toolkit we won’t be presuming any existing knowledge and will be creating tools that are designed to be accessible, engaging and practical, and will build your confidence in approaching this work.

We will be sharing a combination of downloadable assets for you to use, as well as e-learning to help you and your colleagues prepare to use the tools. We’ve also focused on evaluation as a vital element of this Toolkit and we’ll be running an evaluation phase during the year after the Toolkit is launched to see how well the tools are working. More information about that will emerge after the Toolkit is published early in 2024. We also hope to run a launch event for the Toolkit in early 2024 to help colleagues get started.

You can read about the project in our project blogs, and the final Toolkit will be published on this website.

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