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The Careers Group

Become a Careers Consultant with The Careers Group

If you enjoy building relationships, helping others learn more about themselves and their potential, thinking creatively and seek opportunities for training and progression, why not join our team of career consultants?

What do we do?

The working life of our careers consultants is varied and includes a range of activities such as delivering one to one careers support, creating and facilitating workshops and events, working with academic departments or getting involved in a whole range of collaborative project work.

How do we do it?

Each and every one of our careers consultants have, or are working towards a professional qualification. Our in house Professional Development Unit runs courses throughout the year aimed at increasing and improving careers knowledge, allowing our careers consultants to be the best that they can be.

Where would you work?

All of our careers consultants are allocated to one or more of our federation member’s on-site careers services. In practice this means that you might be working for two days per week in one Service and three days per week in another Service, for example. careers consultants must be willing to work in any of our member institutions and you can find out the locations of all of our member services.

Making a move into careers work without a qualification?

We value the diversity of our careers consultants’ previous careers experience and we employ people from a wide range of career backgrounds. We are one of the only higher education careers services that will employ careers consultants without a professional qualification who we then train and support to complete a relevant professional qualification. 

Professional development opportunities and support

Part of our mission is to ensure that our staff are experts in their field and that we are thought and practice leaders in the area of graduate employability. The Careers Group has its own in-house Professional Development Unit (PDU) which coordinates internal and external training and other professional development activities across the Group. Find out more about the PDU and the types of development opportunities we offer.

If you are interested

Keep an eye on our website for open evenings, and find vacancies on the University of London's jobs page.