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Intercollegiate Halls

How to apply

Eligibility criteria and application details will be displayed when you select which university or institute you are studying at.

The application process is open to all students attending a publicly funded university in London.

Browse our halls before you make an application, so you can decide which of our different accommodation types is right for you. Once you find a hall and room that is right for you, you can apply directly from that page.

Quota System

Most (but not all) of the rooms at the Intercollegiate Hall are offered through a quota-based system. This simply means that Federation Members (FMs for short) of the University of London, e.g., UCL, KCL, receive a quota (proportion) of our rooms, and these rooms form part of their accommodation offering to their students. As such when you apply for accommodation via your FM, you may see offerings from the Intercollegiate Halls.

FMs bid on the rooms and halls that they would like to have in their quota, so not all the room types may be available via your FM. Please have a look at the Hall Finder section below for more details.

Direct Bookings 2024/25

Some of our rooms are available by applying directly with us. We accept students who are studying a full-time course at any UK-based publicly funded University (not just FMs). 

Use our website to find out more about rooms and then go to the Accommodation Portal to check if your chosen room is available to book today. 

If your FM is unable to offer you a room you are interested in or if that room doesn’t form part of their quota, you are welcome to apply directly via our website from 22 August 2024, when our waiting list will open.

Hall Finder

Check your eligibility

When you are browsing this website, you will be asked which university you are studying at. Please make sure you select your university from the drop-down menu. By doing this, you will be presented only with rooms that you are eligible for, whether they form part of the quota system or are available to apply for directly.

Further information