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Senate House Library

London University Military Service 1914-45

The University of London War List of May 1918 comprised details of University of London teachers, graduates, and matriculated students who were serving or had served in the armed forces, 1914-1918.

The University of London Officers Training Corps (OTC) was founded in 1909. In its first year, 783 students enrolled as cadets.  By the eve of the Great War, the University of London OTC comprised over 950 students.  They were divided up into an artillery section, a battalion of infantry, a company of engineers, and a medical unit. Five members of the University of London OTC were awarded the Victoria Cross during the Great War.

In 1921, the University of London published the Roll of War Service, 1914-1919 of the University of London Officers Training Corps.

University of London OTC soldiers also fought in the Second World War: The Roll of the Fallen, 1939-1945 lists those who died during the conflict.

Click here(Opens in new window) to see a non-searchable list of external War Degree candidates, 1917-1921 (reference EC2/1/1).

A scheme for Examination of War Students was introduced by the Senate in 1918. Students who had served in the war, undertaken other work relating to national defence, or been interned were granted certain exemptions from examination regulations. A card register (reference EC5/1) contains details of these students in alphabetical order by surname. Non-searchable images of these cards are below.

University of London Officers Training Corps archives

University of London OTC archives are held at Senate House Library as part of the University of London archive.  A catalogue(Opens in new window) of these archives may be consulted online.  Researchers are welcome to visit the Library to use these archives but at least one full working day’s notice must be given before a research visit.

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