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Senate House Library

Latin American studies

The Library holds a unique collection of printed material, archives and electronic resources on Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Library holds an extensive and unique collection of printed sources on Latin America and the Caribbean. From its inception, the collection was envisaged as a national resource.

The collection has been developed in close collaboration with the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS), University of London, and a wider range of scholars and academics.

It aims to record the history of the region, in particular the second half of the 20th Century to the present, with specific strengths in:

  • Colonial history
  • Politics
  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Gender studies
  • Literature
  • Economics
  • Environment issues

The depth of the collection is increased with periodicals, political pamphlets, and more than 3000 documentary and feature films. Plus the Cuchisaca Trust Archive, the Central America Photographic Collection and the Latin American Archives of the Catholic Institute for International Relations.

The collection's printed and archive material is complemented by e-resources, including e-books and databases.

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