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Senate House Library

Fines and charges

Lost books

The replacement charge for lost books is £50.00 per item. The Library accepts replacement copies for lost or damaged items. The book should be an exact replacement of the item lost. The library will accept second hand copies in good condition. Please contact the relevant Research Librarian if you require further information regarding replacing the lost book.

Please note: once you have either replaced or paid for a lost book, no refund can be provided if you subsequently find the missing item, or it is later returned to the library.

Library cards

Lost library cards may be replaced for a £5.00 fee.

“Billed” items - when the Library bills you for loss of a book

  • After 34 days we assume an overdue book may be lost and we will bill you for a replacement.
  • You will not need to pay this if you still have the book – if this is the case please get in touch with us.
  • If you have lost a book, the bill for a replacement copy is £50.

Accessing the Library – with billed or recalled books

  • If a book has been recalled, you will be prevented from renewing it and must return the book by its due date to prevent fines accruing. In this way you will avoid overdue charges and contribute to a more efficient reservation service.
  • If you have an overdue book that has been recalled, you will be prevented from renewing any of your other books online until the recalled book has been returned, although you can renew the other books by phone or at the library 4th floor Service Desk.
  • If you have a billed book, you will be unable to use the Library until the billed book has been returned or renewed. 
  • You may view any existing fines by logging in to your account and selecting unpaid fines

Renewing books – if your membership has expired

If you are a student or staff member at one of the University of London institutes, you can renew your Library membership online. 

For all other members, if your Senate House Library card has expired, please visit the Membership Desk with the correct ID and staff will be able to renew your membership and then renew your books. If you are having problems obtaining the correct ID or if you have any other questions about renewing your membership, please contact