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Senate House Library

Information for new students

For University of London students*, PhD and Academic Staff, Senate House Library is free and easy to join.

Step 1
Check your status on the membership page and follow the pre-registration links. 

Step 2
Come to membership desk of Senate House Library on the 4th floor of Senate House. Check the membership pages to make sure you bring the right ID. For University of London* this will be your college card.

Step 3 
Collect your new Senate House Library card and a Quick Guide.

That’s it, you’re a member!

*BIRKBECK requires a slightly different procedure. 

For BIRKBECK STUDENTS before you pre-register, check your MyBirkbeck Profile. Click on the Senate House Library link. Check that you have a certificate of eligibility. You will need to show this to the membership team, either on your smartphone, or by printing out a paper copy. If you are not eligible, you can choose to purchase a membership at a significantly reduced rate by following the link on your profile. Before coming to the Library pre-register, then bring along your ID and verification certificate

For BIRBECK ACADEMIC STAFF bring a verification of employment form, which can be picked up from Birkbeck.

You get all this:

While you are here: