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Senate House Library

Rent a private study carrel

All the carrels offer the same facilities and are located on the 4th floor of the Library in either the Goldsmiths Library, the Middlesex South, or the Middlesex North reading rooms.

Please read this before booking a carrel

Carrel users not in possession of their key will not be able to access the carrel. Lost carrel keys will incur a £20 non-refundable fine. Carrel users will not be able to access the carrel while a replacement key is being cut.

In keeping with the Senate House Library food and drink policy, food is not allowed in the carrels. Hot or cold drinks can be brought in as long as they are in closed containers.

During the occupancy of the carrel, the occupant is expected to keep the carrel reasonably neat and tidy and leave it clean, tidy and empty of personal possessions and any litter at the end of occupancy. Any waste should be placed in the recycling bins located at the entrance of each reading room. Carrels will be routinely cleaned once every month. If you notice a problem with your carrel, please report any cleaning issues to the 4th floor Service Desk.

Please collect your carrel key from the Service Desk during staffed hours. If you are returning a carrel key during our unstaffed/self-service hours please place it in the small black box on the security desk next to the exit gates.

Once a year, during the summer vacation period, all carrels will be deep cleaned during operating hours and access will be restricted for a short time.

Prior to booking, please read the Library regulations and the additional terms and conditions covering carrel rental.

For support and information email