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Senate House Library

Connect to wifi

Library members are able to connect to WiFi (wireless network) from all areas inside the Library.

What you will need

  • Wireless network name: UoL Libraries
  • Username: Membership number
  • Password: Last name

Regulations and Code of Conduct

The Library wireless network is provided by the University of London Computer Centre. Consequently, all users must adhere to CoSector's terms and conditions [PDF], must agree to abide by the Janet Acceptable Use Policy, and the University of London’s Equality Policy [PDF].

Should you not comply with the above regulations, your access may be either suspended or terminated.

How to connect to wifi

Troubleshooting tips

Windows users:

  • If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, please check that the last part of the process has been completed properly.
  • Please ensure that your surname is typed in lower case.
  • Try refreshing your adapter by going into Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Network Adapters and disable your wireless adapter. Leave a moment and then enable – this refreshes your adapter settings.
  • Every now and again – although it is rare – the network might not be available due to technical problems. If this happens and the service is temporarily unavailable, please be patient as the service should soon resume.

Apple users:

  • Some Snow Leopard users have reported problems logging on to WiFi with Airport: this is resolved by restarting Airport or restarting the device.

If you have any questions about the wireless network please feel free to contact us at


You may also connect to the wireless network using the Eduroam service if your home institution is a member. You must set this up before coming to the Library as staff are not able to assist with setting up authentication to your home institution.