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Senate House Library

User Charter

This is our Charter, it outlines how we, as an organisation will communicate our values and outlines the commitments from Library Services to all our users and the responsibilities and expectations of all those who use our services. 

What we will do for you... 

  1. We will treat you fairly and with respect.
  2. We will be approachable, friendly and willing to help all those who use our services.
  3. We will have a positive professional attitude.
  4. We will respond to your enquiries and comments in a timely, courteous and professional manner.
  5. We will provide help in using Library facilities – please ask us for assistance! 
  6. We will listen to what you think of our services and resources by running annual surveys, focus groups and other activities.
  7. We will ensure that the reading rooms are kept tidy and clean .
  8. We will protect the data we hold about you under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) .

What you can do for us... 

  1.  Please treat other Library users and Library staff with courtesy and respect, as you would expect to be treated! 
  2. Please be considerate to others, respecting designated silent and quiet areas. Your mobile phone should be in silent mode or switched off when you enter the Library - if you wish to make or receive a call go to designated areas.
  3. Please do not leave personal property unattended.
  4. Library materials belong to everyone, so please treat them with care. Do not write, highlight or underline in books, or deface them in any way as it will prevent others from using them.
  5. In the event of an emergency, it’s important that you follow the instructions of Library staff and leave the building promptly by the nearest exit if you are asked to evacuate.
  6. Please observe the rules and regulations concerning the appropriate use of IT.
  7. Please do not eat in the Library apart from in the designated food and drink area where cold food is allowed. Hot or cold drinks can be brought into the main Library as long as they are in closed containers. 
  8. Please ensure the personal data that we hold about you is up to date.