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What we do

Since its inception, the University of London has been committed to widening access to education. Today, our ideals of inclusivity, diversity and collaboration continue to inform everything we do – from increasing educational opportunities to vital humanities research addressing human rights and climate change. 

Our purpose

Grounded by a sense of community and the notion that collective expertise and power can transform people’s lives, what makes us unique is our ability to impart the power of learning, sharing and connection at an unparalleled scale.

Together, we are diverse, but with a common purpose. We are comprised of students, academics and staff from all walks of life, but form one inclusive community. We have a footprint in more than 190 countries, but act as one global network. We are a collective of 17 federation members, acting as one federation.

We are many, we are one.

Our strategic aim

To enrich our academic work in the pursuit of excellence in education, research and knowledge exchange through collaboration with our Federation Members; developing academic programmes, networks and partnerships that further our federation’s goals  across London, the UK and internationally. 

Our academic mission

  • To transform people’s lives through education, driven by a commitment to diversity and inclusion and a
    belief in their power to create new ways of knowing.
  • To deliver innovative training and postgraduate education for the new world of research and work.
  • To realise the benefits of the humanities and social sciences for society, to advocate for their importance, and to provide the intellectual infrastructure to enable new discoveries. 
  • To provide value to the Federation, leveraging the collective power of its members and enabling us all to  each new constituencies and tackle new problems.
  • To strengthen bonds across regional, national, cultural, economic and political boundaries.

Our civic role

Through a range of projects and initiatives the University seeks to deepen its contributions to the city and cement its position as a civic institution ‘for the public benefit’.