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Donor Charter

We are very grateful to all our donors for their generous support. We have welcomed donations, both large and small, since our creation in 1836 and have used them to help to maintain our place as a world-class higher education institution and a University for London.

Our Responsibilities

The University shall:

  • At all times respect a Donor’s rights to privacy
  • Keep any and all donor information confidential to the greatest extent possible
  • Acknowledge all donations promptly
  • Respect and fully comply with all the Donor’s rights outlined in this Donor Charter (section 2)
  • Not sell any part of our Donor lists or information
  • Use all donations to support the objects of the University of London, including through our constituent colleges; “for the public benefit, to promote education of a university standard and the advancement of knowledge and learning by teaching and research; and to encourage the achievement and maintenance of the highest academic standards.”
  • Conduct our financial affairs in a responsible manner, consistent with ethical obligations and the legal requirements of our national and international regulators.

The University will judge each potential donation on its merits and may decline a gift in accordance with its Donation Acceptance Policy.

Donor’s Rights

Donors have the right to:

  • Remain anonymous
  • Alter their preferences with regard to what information they consent to being displayed on the Donor Board at any time
  • Require the University to update or correct any inaccurate personal data

Donors are entitled to any of the following, promptly and upon request:

  • A copy of all personal information held by the University relating to themselves
  • Confirmation of the University of London’s exempt educational charitable status
  • A copy of the University of London Donor Charter

How Donations will be used

The University will use donations to promote our mission and objects. Donations may be applied through and in the University’s constituent colleges, or centrally, and would typically support:

  • The promotion of academia and learning for students, staff and the general public through: bursaries, scholarships, travel grants, essay prizes and special lectures
  • The promotion of research in science, the humanities and the arts, by providing funding for such things as stipends, equipment, and support in publication costs
  • Investment in services and facilities, including libraries, art galleries and other university buildings
  • The promotion of student welfare directly through hardship funds designed to help those who most need support

Where a donation is given with an expressed preference for how the donation is to be used, the University will use all possible endeavours to carry out such wishes.

Where there is no designation, donations will be used at the University’s discretion to promote our mission and objects.

Where the Donor restricts the application of their donation, the University will apply the gift to the purpose originally stated (subject to the right of the University to decline the donation). However, the objects of the University may change over time. Should this happen, the University will seek an alternative use for the donation through the appropriate  bodies, such as the Charity Commission, and in line with the relevant legislation whilst at all times taking account of the Donor’s original wishes.

The University will report on your donations to Trustees and other internal governance groups. Your name will be included in a list of donors in our annual report, which is published on our website. If you would like your name to be withdrawn from this report, please let us know. 

Data Protection

The University will manage your personal data in accordance with our Data Protection Statement and our Data Protection Policy.

Development Office Complaints Procedure

The relationship we have with the University’s alumni, friends and supporters is extremely important to us. We aim to provide a service of the highest quality, as we fundraise, keep you informed about the University of London and let you know about the benefits and services that are available to you. Occasionally, our services may fall short of your expectations and you may wish to lodge a complaint.

Development Office Complaints Procedure

Freedom of Information

The University is subject to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Information regarding donations will, according to the preference of donors, be made public on the University’s website via the Donor Board. In exceptional circumstances, further information regarding donors and donations may be subject to disclosure under the Act.

Our Freedom of Information policy (PDF)

For more information please contact Jennifer Butler, Head of Development Operations at: