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About the Convocation Trust

The Convocation Trust was linked with The University of London Convocation, the association of graduates established by Charter in 1858, which ran until 2003.

Although Convocation closed in 2003, the funds held by Convocation were invested by the Convocation Trust and continue to support our community.

Intervening years saw the development of the University truly as a federation of independent self-governing higher education institutions, with their own degree awarding powers and alumni associations. This changed the focus of students and graduates, vastly reducing the number of graduates joining Convocation.

A review group, convened to consider the future of Convocation, reported to the University Council in July 2002. The Council resolved that the time had come to change the Statutes and abolish Convocation, a view endorsed by the Convocation Board. These came into effect on 1 September 2003 and from that date Convocation ceased to exist.

The Trust continues to play an active role across the University of London federation. It is run by a small management committee made of up of external trustees and is a decision making body independent from the University’s central management. 

In recent years, the Trust has made grants in support of scholarships and academic prizes, student services, and student housing, which benefit those studying at each of the 17 independent member institutions (formerly known as the colleges of the University of London). The Trust has also supported exhibitions and other activities at the University that not only benefit students, but also open up the University’s unique resources and facilities for wider public benefit.

These grants would not be possible without the generosity of those who have so kindly donated to the Convocation Trust over the years. The gifts received by the Convocation Trust continue to have a significant impact on the Central Academic Bodies of the University of London and its member institutions. On behalf of all of those who have benefited, the University would like to thank all those who have kindly donated.

The Convocation Trust Committee of Management has agreed a statement of principles and working practices and management [PDF]. Departments of the University and Member Institutions wishing to bid for support from the Convocation Trust for their projects are invited to use the Committee's application form and consult its guidelines.