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Support the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (ICwS)

As the only UK postgraduate academic institution devoted to the study of the Commonwealth, the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (ICwS) occupies a unique position at the crossroads of research, policy, diplomacy and humanitarianism. 

Donations from supporters of the ICwS enable students from all walks of life to gain access to the Institute’s multidisciplinary programmes, inspiring future generations of leaders in the fields of human rights and international justice, as well as supporting the development of relevant policy and practice within Commonwealth member states.

Support the ICwS and its work

With your support, the Institute will continue to empower the development and delivery of effective, evidence-based policy research and recommendations, supporting responses to the challenges and opportunities of the modern Commonwealth and its diverse stakeholders, including civil society.

As a renowned research institution, the ICwS applies its expertise to advocate for change consistent with the values contained within the Commonwealth Charter. Gifts from our donors directly support research that addresses issues such as democracy, human rights, the rule of law, governance, development and climate change. 

Your support helps the ICwS to further its mission; to build on its research, expand training and outreach initiatives and enable positive change for the Commonwealth and its communities. The Institute is grateful to its donors for their generosity, and for their role in supporting the ICwS and its future. 

To make a donation in support of the ICwS and its work, please visit our dedicated donation page.