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Osman: the impact on students

Current MSc Computer Science student Osman discusses how receiving a bursary, funded by the 2020 Student Support Appeal, meant he could continue his course despite financial difficulties.

“At the time I asked for financial assistance, I was living in Türkiye and was working as a full-time front-end developer,” said Osman. “Inflation had reached very high levels in Türkiye following the COVID-19 outbreak. My firm decided to close just as the registrations for the courses were opening, and I needed to find another job as soon as possible to pay the fees. Meanwhile, the exchange rate was rising day and night, and I really wanted to finish my studies on time. I emailed the University of London and explained my predicament.” 

The University was able to offer Osman a Student Support Appeal bursary, so that he could continue his studies.  Osman said, “In Türkiye, I scored in the top 0.0005 percent on the university entrance exam but had to drop out due to financial difficulties. I have never received support from my own government for my studies, so I was taken aback when a university I had never stepped foot in, where I was studying online, granted me financial assistance.” 

When asked about the difference that the bursary made, Osman said,

The initial impact was huge. I received the email and was happy that I would be able to finish my studies on time thanks to this great assistance. I truly believe that the University of London is more than just a university; it is also a place where you can go to get help with your problem. I always receive courteous responses, and the University of London solved all of my difficulties.

Osman's story

Osman received a bursary funded by the 2020 Student Support Appeal, which allowed him to continue his course despite financial difficulties.

When Osman’s financial situation improved, he was motivated to make a gift to support other students following in this footsteps. Commenting on his decision to make this kind donation, Osman said: “I reminded myself that I had some difficulties in the past, and I am confident that many others may be quitting university or completing it slowly due to financial difficulties. The scholarship was a present to me, and it made me quite pleased. Now I believe I can contribute to my university and assist in making others happy.”

To make a donation in support of students like Osman, please visit our donation page to give online.