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Become an Ambassador

If you are a University of London graduate who has studied through the University’s distance and flexible learning programmes (previously called the International Programmes / External System), you can apply to become an Alumni Ambassador.

Our network of ambassadors offer advice to prospective and current students. This can range from how to manage studies successfully to preparing for exams to studying with work and family commitments.

Applications for this year's intake to the Alumni Ambassador Programme are now closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I spend my time doing?

Prospective and current students will make contact with you typically asking about your experiences as a student of the University of London. As an Alumni Ambassador you will be a representative of the University, advising and answering queries to aid prospective and current students.

What questions am I likely to be asked as an Alumni Ambassador?

You may receive questions such as ‘how did you balance your life and study?’; ‘how easy was it to obtain study materials and text books?’; ‘what was your experience of entering for and sitting the examinations?’; ‘do you have any tips for successful study?’; ‘what have been the benefits of completing your qualification?’; ‘what do employers think of the degree?’ etc. You will not be expected to advise on the detailed content of courses, fees or entry requirements. You will be provided with a manual that will detail how to direct enquirers to the relevant pages of the website or the Student Advice Centre.

What is expected of me?

As an Alumni Ambassador you are expected to answer questions from both prospective and current students. Your name, email address, qualification, year of graduation and a short biography will be listed as a profile on the Alumni Ambassador page of our website. A prospective or current student can view your profile online and be free to contact you directly. Your details may also be used in our alumni communications.

How much of my time will this take?

It is difficult to gauge how many emails you will receive but we predict you are unlikely to receive more than 10 enquiries per month. Once contact between an Alumni Ambassador and prospective or current student has been established it is up to both parties to create the boundaries of the relationship and the frequency with which you contact one another. If the amount of emails you are receiving becomes unmanageable, we will assist you in easing the load. This may involve recruiting more Alumni Ambassadors or reallocating your email enquiries to other Alumni Ambassadors.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for alumni who would like to give back to the University by helping prospective students make the decision to commit to a University of London degree as well as assisting current students with their queries while they study with us. As an Alumni Ambassador, you will be proud of your time with the University of London and will have the time to respond to the enquiries you will receive.

How do I apply for the role of an Alumni Ambassador?

To be considered for the role of an Alumni Ambassador you must complete our online application form

Alumni Ambassador applications are open until Saturday 30 July 2021.

How will applications be assessed?

Staff at the University of London will assess all applications and will select Alumni Ambassadors based on the current needs and gaps in our Ambassador programme. The degree you completed, your graduation year and your country of residence will be taken into account. This is to ensure we have a wide range of Alumni Ambassadors from different degrees and countries for prospective and current students to contact. Please note that we are unlikely to appoint Alumni Ambassadors for programmes that are no longer offered by the University of London.

What happens if I am successful?

If you are successful we will be in touch to formally ask of your acceptance in volunteering to be an Alumni Ambassador. We will supply you with further details of your position and a manual covering all aspects of the role.

Who are the current alumni ambassadors?

You can view a list of our current Alumni Ambassadors on our website.