Alumni Ambassadors are graduates who can assist prospective, new and current students who are studying for a University of London degree around the world.

They can advise you of how they managed their studies successfully and offer tips about balancing their study with work and family commitments.

Alumni Ambassadors have completed a range of qualifications and you are free to contact any of them for help and advice.

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A.W.O. Damien Rodrigo - LLB Laws

A.W.O. Damien Rodrigo - LLB Laws

Damien is a legal assistant of a leading law chambers in Sri Lanka. He also works as a domestic inquiry officer for companies. He holds an LLM (Merit) from the University of West London. He is currently pursuing an MBA from the UoG (UK).

Abdiweli Osman Mohamed - MSc Public Policy and Management

Abdiweli Osman Mohamed - MSc Public Policy and Management

Mr Abdiweli Osman Mohamed, a Somali national, is a senior development and humanitarian practitioner with over 15 years hands-on experience in the areas of social policy, local governance, decentralisation, and education programmes. He worked both with international organisations and UN agencies. Currently, he is UNICEF Education Specialist based in Somalia responsible for the overall management and leadership of education programmes in the Puntland State of Somalia.

He has a MSc in Public Policy and Management from SOAS, University of London (2014 -2019) and MA in Governance, Development, and Public Policy from IDS at the University of Sussex (2016-2017). My study journey at SOAS, University of London was long, tough, demanding, but worth doing it. The course equipped me to better understand public policy management and particularly how to formulate, manage, implement, monitor and evaluate public policies both in developed and developing countries as well as how to strengthen public institutions, which is crucial for delivering services.

Abdul  Zarook - MSc Sustainable Development

Abdul Zarook - MSc Sustainable Development

As a person to have successfully managed a balancing work, studies and job life , even with the most challenging and difficult context , I think I will be able to play the role of a good coach, mentor and strategist to prospective and current students as well as graduates who find it difficult to coping with their studies, exams and research. I will also be able to facilitate them in their efforts of entering the world of work.

Abdul Aziz Khan - MSc Public Policy and Management

Abdul Aziz Khan - MSc Public Policy and Management

I have more than 15 years experience in the field of development and humanitarian assistance and as well have good management skills.
I have been working in development and humanitarian sector from last 14 years. I have worked with various INGOs, NGOs in Pakistan and for short term assignment in USA. My main field of expertise included but not limited to overall programme management, Livelihood, human rights, Refugee rights, education, training, working in emergencies, research, health and community development. Moreover; freelancing consultancies with International development partners e.g. GHK, AID, GIZ, SoSec, SEC have nurtured my professional growth.
I have completed different courses from country and abroad such as Non profit management course from city college of San Francisco, International refugee law course from Italy and have brief work experience with INGO in USA.

Abigail Bate - BSc Economics

Abigail Bate - BSc Economics

I would like to become an ambassador to encourage those who were in my situation ( mature student) to take the leap and pursue their higher education with UoL. I also believe that a UoL degree offers an opportunity to obtain a high quality education and to flourish for women in the middle east who may be faced with barriers to pursuing a campus education.
Having been through an entire degree program myself as a fully independent student, I would be able to offer guidance to those who wish to pursue a degree in Kuwait ( or neighbouring states ) where there are no available teaching institutions ( excluding Dubai). I have set up and taken exams with my local branch of the British council for many years and would be able to offer help in that department if needs be.

Adalto Felix de Godoi

Adalto Felix de Godoi - PG Diploma in Management

Brazil-based Adalto Felix de Godoi completed his Diploma for Graduates in Management in 2011. He also holds others degrees and MBA. He built his career in the hospitality field, mainly in the health care industry. He is also a professor working in the business and academic fields. Adalto can advise on study skills, time management and how to balance a daily schedule while studying on a part-time basis.

Dr. Adi Walker - Alumni ambassador

Adi Walker - MSc Rural Development

Dr Adi Walker has over 30 years professional experience, accumulated across 6 continents and in over 50 countries. He holds a PhD from Oxford Brookes University, a hybrid Master’s Degree from Imperial College London and SOAS University, and a B-Tech. in Engineering from Hertfordshire University. Adi can provide you with advice and ideas, or just act as a sounding board on the following: 1) academic research - philosophy, conceptual design and practice; methods, approaches and analysis; living, studying and writing, and 2) thematic subject areas and their practical application - international development, governance and local government, post-disaster reconstruction and recovery, community-driven development, leadership and teams.

Adil Ali - Bachelor of Laws

Adil Ali - Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

I am a professional with over 18 years of combined experience in public management consultancy, international business operations management and aviation. My diverse educational and work experience has stimulated a profound interest in the law. I graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) qualifying law degree in November 2019 and recently embarked on the Legal Practice Course and Master of Laws (LLM) in England as a career change. My work experiences have attracted me to commercial law with a desire to eventually focus upon international aviation and transportation law, of which I am confident that I can be an asset to a leading law firm and by extension the legal fraternity.
I would like to offer insights on my experiences gained in work and study life to current and prospective students, particularly in the fields of business and law. Having studied without institutional support while transitioning to life in a new country, I have formulated study and personal strategies which enable a non-UK person to grasp fundamentals of the commercial and legal fields in the UK, which have proven essential in understanding and applying the substantive material of the coursework. Above all, I have previously trained and mentored students in another vocational field (aviation) and would like to leverage this to benefit those at the university level.

Muhammad Muneeb Qadir - LLB Laws

Advocate Muhammad Muneeb Qadir - LLB Laws

Having completed 2 qualifications via the University of London's distance learning programmes, I'm keen to play an active role in facilitating current and prospective students of the University of London, drawing from my own experience as an alumnus.
Students may find it challenging to pursue studies through distance learning especially more so in these challenging times when the world is faced with a global pandemic. In these circumstances, my previous experiences of remote learning can inspire others to find the University of London's distance and flexible learning programmes accessible. In addition, since I have been teaching University of London's Laws Programme students for the past couple of years, I further understand the challenges and limitations that students face when approaching their studies and the skills that I have acquired through my work can therefore be utilised further in facilitating the University's students.
In addition to being a lawyer and a teacher, I am also a political commentator appearing on local and international electronic media to provide my analysis on issues pertaining to current affairs and I have also written various op-eds in Pakistan's leading newspaper 'The News International' on a diverse range of issues such as Brexit, international relations and human rights.
Some of the issues I can help prospective students with include:
1)The approaches to be adopted towards studying for a UK qualification;
2) Balancing between studies and family/job commitments;
3) How to access textbooks and the online library particularly for research purposes

Ahmad Mukhtar, Master of Laws Alumnus

Ahmad Mukhtar - Postgraduate Laws LLM

I am working in the areas of international economic and trade law, particularly the World Trade Organization and related issues. I can provide advice on these subject areas.

Ahmed Elkhatim - Business Administration with International Business

Ahmed Elkhatim - Business Administration with International Business

After graduating from the Canadian College in Sudan and majoring in the technology of business studies, Ahmed commenced his vocation in sundry multinational companies in the field of Management, Supply Chain Management and mainly Finance, where he worked as a Cost Analyst at an international hotel group (Corinthia Hotels Group Sudan). He then consolidated his experience by obtaining a BSC in Business Administration with International Business from Royal Holloway, University of London 2020. University of London's global recognition offered Ahmed an abundance of opportunities with major companies in Sudan. Ahmed can offer exhortation and guidance for the current students of UOL since he has vast experience through studying independently and managing to keep a balance between work and study life.

Ahmed Elsabban - MSc Petroleum Geoscience

Ahmed Elsabban - MSc Petroleum Geoscience

During the last 20 years I had the pleasure working in the oil and gas industry were I developed skills in communications, problem solving and provide guidance. My core strength areas are structure geology and geophysics and dealing with seismic data in lots of basins around the earth.

Ahmed Fougere - BSc Economics and Management

Ahmed Fougere - BSc Economics & Management

Experienced commercial export manager with a demonstrated history of working in the import and export industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Sales, Market Research, and Management. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) focused in Economics & Management from the University of London with academic direction from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). 

Ahmed Mirza - MSc Professional Accountancy

Ahmed Mirza - MSc Professional Accountancy

I am a Kuwait-born Pakistani national, currently residing in Kuwait. My father passed away when I was in my early teenage years. Unfortunately, since then, I did not have a father-figure around. I began working at the age of 17. I obtained my Bachelor's degree alongside the employment. After that, I completed my ACCA qualification, albeit, delayed due to personal circumstances. I also completed the CPA Australia qualification with ACCA.

Then I got the opportunity to get my Master's degree from University of London, thanks to the collaboration between University of London and ACCA in forming this degree programme for ACCA students, affiliates and members. I have proudly framed the degree and shelved it in my office.

I realise how hard it is not to have anyone around to discuss one's career plans. Therefore, I actively volunteer my time to guide people in accountancy education and career related matters. I have openly invited my connections on Linkedin to reach me for any questions they have and for guidance they may require. I am glad to have helped those who approached me so far on ACCA qualification and MSc in Professional Accountancy degree questions. I look forward to being of assistance to the accountancy students with the best of my knowledge and capabilities.

Aisyamariam Abdul Uzza - BSc Accounting and Finance

Aisyamariam Abdul Uzza - BSc Accounting and Finance

I am very active in education field as I am part of it now as an academician. my passion is education and I am interested to broaden my passion to the world especially to share the experience that UoL has led me to become who I am today. I am a proud alumni and ready to share my journey with all students from all over the world. Changing the perception on how to manage distance learning successfully. Plus I am ready to help and guide them and be part of UoL to boost their performance and recruit more students.