CoSector – University of London is a leading provider of digital services including Digital Learning, Digital Research and Digital Transformation.

Many of the products and services in the portfolio had been servicing the University of London, other education providers, and commercial companies for over 50 years. That means our customers benefit from services and products developed with a rooted knowledge and expertise in the higher education sector.

Our expertise

Along with our in-depth knowledge of each respective industry, we champion going the extra mile for the users of our services and products, which is why you'll see numerous tailored options within each of our core services.

As a university, we understand the influencing factors when it comes to purchasing these types of services, such as the importance of expertise and the need for cost-effective solutions.

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Digital services

CoSector Digital has over 50 years' experience of delivering leading digital services and solutions to help learning institutions achieve their digital ambition.

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