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Advertising and promotion in brand marketing BA3165

This course aims to provide students with a strategic perspective on contemporary marketing communication management within an international context. Whilst also developing knowledge by drawing on the major pathway themes and principles of marketing management, marketing research, and consumer behaviour, within a strategic and international marketing communication perspective.


BA2070 Strategic Management

Topics covered

  •  Integrating different literatures on the topic area of advertising and promotion. This module attempts to draw on both traditions of thought and research, the cultural and the managerial
  • Introduction to the major themes of the book's treatment of advertising and promotional planning. These themes are strategy, integration and research
  • This topic outlines the main assumptions and traditions of information processing communications theory for advertising and promotion
  • This topic discusses the contribution of interpretive or 'consumer culture theories'.
  • Introduction to more concepts from consumer culture theory with respect to advertising
  • Practical issues in advertising and promotional management, but with a theoretical slant
  • Three core concepts of consumer marketing: positioning, targeting and segmentation, and we reflect on how these concepts are articulated and used strategically in promotional communication
  • How business is conducted in the field of marketing communications with a focus on advertising agencies
  • The main roles of the agency and account team and their tasks but also emphases the fluid nature of ad agency activity
  • The different ways in which a promotional communication can be exposed to its audience
  • Reviewing some of the main characteristics of the major promotional media. The prescribed chapter does this in greater detail
  • Look at the different type of marketing communications and how they can integrate with each other.
  • Advertising across national markets and cultural boundaries
  • Regulatory codes 
  • Review some of the main techniques of research that are commonly used
  • Some communication professionals consider research to be an important feature of creativity. Others consider research to be the enemy of creativity. In this topic we will be looking at this dichotomy
  • How this broad and evolving field can be understood in an integrated, inclusive and also theoretically coherent way.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module students should be able to:

  • Possess a working knowledge of way promotional campaigns are constructed by advertising agencies
  • Demonstrate awareness of the complimentary and inter-dependence of discrete marketing activities within a strategic perspective by creating an outline promotional campaign
  • Appreciate the complexity and salience of ethical issues in marketing and advertising, especially with respect to the wider social influence
  • Be able to deconstruct promotional communications in terms of their likely intended segmentation and positioning rationale.


This module is assessed by a three hour unseen written examination.

Essential reading

  • Advertising and Promotion: an integrated marketing communications approach (Hackley)